Established in 2012, Financials ISAC Japan began as an informal community of 7 banks for CISS (Cyber Intelligence Sharing SIG for Banks). At that time against a background of increases in fraudulent remittances, given that individual institutions had limited resources and information, Financials ISAC Japan was created to combat the sense of stagnation at the frontline in handling these boundless threats. By building trust among traditionally rival companies, it provided the opportunity for previously unthinkable knowledge sharing and cooperation within the industry.

In order to expand activities, this association was established in August 2014. As of June 2017, there were currently over 315 full member companies involved in daily information sharing and nine working groups across all members engaged in collaborative activities, in a frank yet friendly community.  

 Targeted attacks on financial institutions continue. Let's unite to defend Japan's financial institutions.

Financials ISAC Japan Directors

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