Privacy Policy

General Incorporated Association Financials ISAC Japan (hereinafter, “Financials ISAC Japan”) has set forth the privacy policy stated below to ensure that the personal information of all concerned persons is appropriately protected and used.

  1. Use Policy

    Financials ISAC Japan, in addition to all concerned laws and regulations, shall strictly comply with this privacy policy (hereinafter, “the Policy”) and at the same time as appropriately protecting and using the obtained personal information, in order to implement information roll out and the appropriate responses to associated risks, Financials ISAC Japan shall put into place personal information protection control systems and perform ongoing improvement activities in respect of the same. 

  2. Use Purposes

    Financials ISAC Japan, in respect of the obtained personal information, shall designate its use purposes, and unless required under any applicable laws, regulations, etc., its use shall be limited to the extent required to achieve those stated purposes.

  3. Acquisition

    Financials ISAC Japan, to the extent necessary to achieve the use purposes stated above, shall under appropriate and legal standards acquire personal information.

  4. Provision to a Third Party

    Financials ISAC Japan, unless required under any applicable laws, regulations, etc., shall not without the prior consent of the information disclosing person, disclose that information to any third party.

  5. Safety and Security Control Measures

    Financials ISAC Japan in respect of the obtained personal information shall implement the appropriate safety and security control measures to prevent the loss, falsification or leaking of that information.
    Further all directors, executives, officers and employees who handle that personal information shall undergo education concerning the protection of personal information, and where management of that personal information is to be outsourced, Financials ISAC Japan shall perform the appropriate oversight to ensure that the outsourced party is controlling the security and safety of that information.

  6. Procedures where Disclosure is Requested

    Financials ISAC Japan shall appropriately respond to any concerned person’s request for disclosure, revision, cessation of use or removal of their personal information. Inquiries should be made as stated below:

  7. Inquiries concerning Personal Information

    Inquiries related to the security or safety of personal information handled by Financials ISAC Japan or any other opinions, wants, or questions should be sent to our inquiries desk stated below:
    【Tel. No.】 03-6269-9521
    【Office hours】 Weekdays 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

※Scope of Personal Information
The “Scope of Personal Information” under this policy includes the following:

  • Personal information acquired in the course of Financials ISAC Japan’s members activities.
  • Personal information acquired from parties surveyed by Financials ISAC Japan.
  • Personal information acquired from application forms for attendance at seminars, exhibitions held by Financials ISAC Japan and information obtained by surveys conducted by Financials ISAC Japan.

Personal Information Handling Policy

  1. Use Purposes

    General Incorporated Association Financials ISAC Japan (hereinafter, “Financials ISAC Japan”) shall only use the personal information within the scope required to achieve the purposes below:

      Details of Use

    • Activities related to information sharing concerning the information security of financial institutions and associated businesses.

      Use Purposes

    • To reach parties requesting to become members and to contact existing members concerning membership activities.
    • When making inquiries, for the purpose of confirming a person’s identity or the authority of the inquiring person.

    The use purposes in addition to those stated above shall unless clearly stated to the contrary to the purpose of the policy for obtaining personal information, where the personal information is directly obtained from the person in charge at the member company, the use purposes shall be specified.

  2. 2. Handling of Highly Confidential Information

    Financials ISAC Japan handles its personal information in accordance with the Guidelines concerning the Protection of Personal Information in the Financial Sphere (Notification No.63, first published by the Financial Services Agency in November 20, 2009 and subsequently revised). Further highly confidential personal information as described below, except where specifically stated in those guidelines shall not be acquired, used or disclosed to a third party.

    • 1) Information related to ideology, beliefs or religion.
    • 2) Information related to race or ethnicity, lineage, physical or mental disabilities, criminal history, medical history or any other information that may give rise to social discrimination.  

    However, where required to protect the rights of the information provider or a third party or where otherwise deemed appropriate under socially accepted norms, the preceding sentence shall not apply.

  3. Ensuring the Accuracy of Possessed Personal Information

    Ensuring the Accuracy of Possessed Personal Information

  4. 4. Procedures for Disclosure Request for Personal Information

    Financials ISAC Japan, where a request for disclosure of personal information has been received from the person itself or their representative, shall in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information comply with the same. In the event that such request is made by a representative of the information provider, there may be cases where that person is directly contacted.

    • Items related to Stored Personal Information
      Names, addresses, telephone numbers, location (Name of employer, department name, position), e-mail address, etc.
    • Inquiries Desk
      General Incorporated Association Financials ISAC Japan, Secretariat Office
      【Tel. No.】 03-6269-9521
    • Financials ISAC Japan Personal Information Inquiries Desk
      Information to be provided: Information that identifies the person at the time of entering into a membership agreement, making an application for the same or answering a request.
      (For ex: Period, name, location, ID, password, contract number, registration number, membership number, etc.)
      In addition to the information stated above, there may be cases where additional forms be provided to confirm the ID of the information provider.
    • Processing Fees
      There may be cases where processing fees are to be paid as separately stipulated by Financials ISAC Japan.
  5. Non-Disclosure

    Financials ISAC Japan shall not respond to a request for disclosure of information where any one (1) of the following items applies:

    • Where the identity of the requesting party is unable to be confirmed.
    • Where a request is made on behalf of the disclosing patty by a representative, and the identity of that representative is unable to be confirmed.
    • Where fraudulent or insufficient statements are made in the disclosure application forms.
    • Where the details of the requesting person differ from the previously obtained personal information.
    • Where disclosure may result in loss of life, personal injury, financial suffering or other detrimental effect to the rights or benefits of the information disclosing person or any third party.
    • Where disclosure may cause significant hindrance to the appropriate performance of Financials ISAC Japan duties.
    • Where the requesting party has not paid the processing fees by the due date.
    • o Where disclosure is in breach of any applicable laws, regulations, etc.
  6. Commissioned Handling of Personal Information

    Financials ISAC Japan, within the scope required for its use purposes, may commission all or any part of its personal information to a third party. Upon commission, Financials ISAC Japan shall provide the appropriate oversight to ensure that the commissioned party is able to guarantee the safety and security of that personal information.

  7. Provision of Personal Information

    Financials ISAC Japan, unless for the “Use Purposes” stated above or where required under applicable laws, regulations, etc., shall not without the prior consent of the disclosing party, disclose that personal information to any third party.

  8. Revisions

    In accordance with any change to concerned laws, regulations, etc. or the Financials ISAC Japan policy, Financials ISAC Japan may change its “Personal Information Handling Policy” without notice.

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