Event Information

“The Financials ISAC Japan Annual Conference 2017” was held.
We would like to thank all those who attended.


●Morning Session

Conference Greeting

General Incorporated Association Financials ISAC Japan, Chairperson Director, Michihiro Taniai


Financial Services Agency, Vice Commissioner for Policy Coordination,
Mr. Muneo Morita

Keynote Speech 1.

Transforming Cyber Defense through Global Information Sharing

FS-ISAC CEO/President  Mr William Nelson

Keynote Speech 2.

International Efforts towards Cyber Security in the Financial Sphere

Financial Services Agency, Director for Cyber Security Measures Planning Office, Mr. Hirotsugu Suzuki

Financials ISAC Japan Awards Ceremony FY2016

●Luncheon session (Multiple seminars were held by Affiliate Member companies in the exhibition hall)

Situations arising from illegal website log in by bot and further strategies.

Akamai Technologies GK, & Security Marketing Division, Product Marketing Manager
Mr Kazuhiro Nakanishi


The evolution of cyber security! Risk management and operations that companies should implement

Hitachi Systems, Ltd. Network Security Consulting Division, CISA, CISM, CISSP
Mr Masashi Omori


Cyber intelligence platforms to support sophistication in cyber security reports

KPMG Consulting Co., Ltd. Manager, Mr. Naoki Tabata

Necessity for cyber security HR and effective human security strategies

NRI Secure Technologies, Ltd. Cyber Security Business Promotion Division
Mr. Takeshi Tokita

Through “Web separation” strategies to counter targeted cyber attacks

Internet Initiative Japan Inc. Cloud Division, Enterprise Solution 2, Department Manager
Mr. Yoichi Maekawa

Utilization of “Threat intelligence automated platforms”

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. System Engineer CISSP
Mr. Takashi Asano

Cyber resilience” not influenced by identified attacks.

Macnica Networks Corp. Overall Technology Division, Strategy Project Promotion Office
Mr.Takeya Yamazaki

From statistical information gained through smartphone applications diagnosis, identification of smartphone threats to the financial industry.

LAC Co., Ltd. Enterprise Security Service Division, System Assessment Department, Security Diagnosis Group
Mr. Takahiro Shinohara

Recent trends in worldwide cyber attacks and counter strategies

Fortinet Japan K.K. Security Strategist
Mr. Kenichi Terashita

Through behavioral biometrics cutting edge counter-fraud remittance strategies to confirm user identities IBM Trusteer

IBM Japan Ltd. Security Business Division, Technical Sales
Ms. Yukako Kaizaki

●Afternoon Session

Keynote Speech 3

Lessons Learned - Private Public Partnerships in the US

JPMorgan Chase & Co.Managing Director of Global Cyber Partnerships & Government Strategy
Mr Greg Rattray

Keynote Speech 4

Advanced Targeted Attack In Korea Financial Sector

Financial Security Institution/Manager of FSI-CERT
Mr Park Yongjun

Financials ISAC Japan WG status reports

①Global Information Sharing WG “Activities status report”

Mr. Yoshiwara, WG head

②Vulnerability Response WG “Activities status report. Outline of results”

Mr. Kazu, WG head

③Counter-Fraud Remittance WG “Update on the Good Practice Guide. Latest tricks in fraudulent remittances”

Mr. Iwamoto, WG head

④Education WG “FY2017 Skill-up Menu”

Mr. Kaneko, WG head

⑤Best Practice WG “Release of the 2nd edition of the Best Practice Guide”

Mr. Kuroyama, WG head

⑥Intelligence WG “Outline of the 2017 Intelligence Report”

Mr. Seko, WG head

⑦Incident Response WG “Revised edition of the Incident Response Manual, Report on activities status”

Mr. Kadono, WG head

⑧Cyber Security Exercise WG “FIRE2017 guidance and other events in FY2017”

Mr. Sasada, WG head

Mini Stage

①The skill-up mini session study meeting menu, introduction of CyberQuest, roadmap, and how to use the skill sheet

Education WG

②Advanced Targeted Attack In Korea Financial Sector Technical session

Financial Security Institution/Manager of FSI-CERT, Mr. Yongjun Park

③Fraudulent access detection points

Counter-Fraud Remittance WG

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