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Financials ISAC Japan was established so that Japan’s financial institutions were able to share and analyze cyber security information, and conduct cooperative activities to improve their safety and security, and by doing so ensure the peace of mind and safety and security of the users of their institutions.

In recent times the threat of cyber attacks has been increasing on all fronts. Even within the financial industry, from the second half of 2012, beginning with unauthorized transfers due to malware and including DDoS and malicious mail, a variety of serious situations have been confronted. In response to attacks that have become increasingly sophisticated, diversified and more widespread in a short period of time, a situation has arisen where responses by individual institutions has become virtually impossible, making it extremely important to unite to defend against these attacks.

By gathering together people from the same industry and with the same business abilities to share and analyze information and engage in knowledge sharing this creates a powerful weapon for confronting threats.

Financials ISAC Japan, based on its 2 core activities, being 1) “Collective Intelligence” which focuses on intelligence sharing between members in relation to any daily incident or exposed vulnerability and 2) “Resource Sharing”, which through cooperative action, pools resources to promote consideration of strategies to deal with shared issues, is committed to conducting a variety of activities aimed at building a solid foundation to promote customers’ peace of mind, safety and security which lies at the heart of Japan’s financial system.  

At Financials ISAC Japan, utilizing our dedicated portal site, information is shared in real time concerning any daily incidents or exposed vulnerabilities. Further as regards important identified issues, Working Groups (WG), according to theme, have been established so that the collective membership can both examine strategies, increase shared knowledge and improve responsiveness. The fruits of these efforts are presented at both workshops and the Annual Conference and accumulated on the portal site.


【Full and Associate Members】

While financial institutions are eligible to become either a Full Member or Associate Member, many of the information sharing activities, etc. are limited to Full Members. The Associate Member system has been established as a means for new members to familiarize themselves with ISAC. Wherever possible participation as a Full Member is encouraged.

Item/Content Full Members Associate Members
Portal Site ・Information sharing, etc. concerning incidents and vulnerabilities. Utilizing the TLP (Traffic Light Protocol) by limiting the scope of information sharing, disadvantage to the information provider is avoided. Anonymous postings are also possible.
・Post formatting allows for easy utilization of shared information.
・The site also accumulates various applicable guidelines and common intellectual property contained in training materials, etc.
Available Unavailable
Working Group (WG) WGs analyze identified important issues, consider strategies and conduct cooperative activities such as joint exercises and study groups. WG activities are also important for HR networking and allow for in depth information exchange on a variety of topics. As a general rule the outcomes from all WG activities are shared among all Full Members.
Participation Possible Only where designated by the head of the WG is participation possible.
Report Distribution Through the portal site shared information is summarized (E-mail magazine) as well as beneficial information and reports provided by our affiliated organization, FS-ISAC, and other affiliated companies. Available  Partial distribution
Annual Conferences In conjunction with the General Committee of Voting Members, this is held annually in Tokyo. Available Available
(Excluding attendance at the General Committee of Voting Members)
Workshops (WS) outside of Tokyo are held twice a year. These WS consider in greater detail the issues raised at any annual conference.
In addition mini WS, whether held within Tokyo or not, as part of our regional activities continue.
Available  Unavailable
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